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Welcome to Skydive Georgia!

Get ready to experience the adventure of a lifetime! Nothing comes close to the excitement of freefalling from 10,000 to 14,000 feet above Georgia! If you are thirsty for adventure, nothing satisfies like a skydive!

Call Skydive Georgia at 1-850-303-0086 and ask about the dropzone nearest you!

Skydive Georgia

Tandem Skydiving

Skydive Georgia wants to give you the best experience during a Tandem Skydive. Please call us today at 1-850-303-0086 and enjoy an incredible opportunity with Skydive Georgia!

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Skydive Georgia Skydiving

AFF Course

Learning to skydive with Skydive Georgia will be the best event you could choose. Call us today at 1-850-303-0086 to schedule your AFF training! You will never regret your decision to Skydive in Georgia.

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Skydive Georgia Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Skydive Georgia does also offer gift certificates for that special someone in your life. Do not miss your chance to give the gift of skydiving in Georgia! give us a call 1-850-303-0086

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Skydive Georgia

Skydive Georgia
Skydive Georgia

Skydive Georgia

Call us at 1-850-303-0086 when you are ready for skydiving in Georgia. We are looking forward to your call and are excited to help at Skydive Georgia!
Skydive Georgia Tandem Skydiving


Skydive Georgia provides the best price and deals to our customers. Skydive Georgia is focused on "Customer Satisfaction".
Skydive Georgia FAQ


If you have any questions look at our FAQ page or call Skydive Georgia, Call us right away 1-850-303-0086. Skydive Georgia is waiting to hear from you.
Skydiving in Georgia

Video & Photos

During Skydiving in Georgia, you will want to have something to remember your amazing Georgia Skydiving experience!


Skydive Georgia has many pictures of people skydiving. Feel free to visit our Gallery! 1-850-303-0086 is all that is takes to reach one of our representatives today!
Skydiving Georgia

Contact us

Call us at 1-850-303-0086, when you are ready to skydive in Georgia, One of our represenatives will be glad to halp!

Why choose us

Tandem Skydive Georgia

Reasons to choose Skydive Georgia

  • The best and modern Facilities
  • Many years of experience skydiving
  • Excitement and thrill for skydiving
  • Modern up to date equipment
  • Find out more reasons to Skydive Georgia.

    Call 1-850-303-0086 today!

    Skydive Georgia

    Skydive Georgia provides an incredible skydiving experience in Georgia. Feel free to post your videos and pictures. Skydive Georgia always strives to bring you the best experience possible in Georgia.